Athlete info

Information For All Federations, Athletes And Coaches


Athlete Check in

All athletes have to check in before the competition and get a wristband with your start number. The athlete has to wear the band throughout the whole competition.

It gives the athlete access to the warm up area and athlete lounge.

Check in will be done at the Stadium Arena. Thursday from 6PM to 8 PM and Friday from 7.15 AM to 7.45 AM.

Athlete briefing

Friday 8.00 AM.  The briefing will start at 8.00 AM so please be on time!

Call Room

You have to be in the call room 10 minutes before your heat starts. Heat lists will be available in the athlete lounge and in Boxpeak. Be on time!

Warm up area and athlete lounge

Only athletes and coaches will have accreditation to the warm up area and athlete lounge.

Coaches / NF executive Staff and Media

Email will be sent out with your tickets. The ticket is personal with your name. When arriving at the arena you will have to scan your ticket at the entrance and receive a wristband. This wristband will have a colour showing which area you will have access to.


Heatlists for Friday are available in Boxpeak.

Spectator tickets

Tickets can also be purchased at the arena. Credit cards only.

The Stadium Arena

The address to the arena is:

The Stadium arena will have a small bistro where you can buy coffee, snacks and hot dogs.

Live Broadcast

There will be a live broadcast during Worlds. The link to the broadcast will be published on social media/Swe3F website on Friday morning.

Information about Covid Test travel to and from Sweden

Important phone numbers and information in case of illness, police and emergency:

PCR tests