Travelling by air

Malmö and Malmömässan is only 15 minutes from Copenhagen International Airport (Kastrup), so this is were you want to fly in to.

Once you get to the airport, there’s a train station downstairs from Terminal 2 that will take you to Hyllie which is the name of the area where to venue and the hotel is. Just take the escalator from inside the terminal (it’s on your far right side when you’ve exited the luggage claim).

Remember that you have to purchase train tickets before you board the train (or you will get fined). Tickets are approx €12 single way and you can buy them at the machines inside the terminal (not downstairs). Please note: you must use the machines that says “Skånetrafiken” that are in the middle of the terminal, NOT the red machines right next to the escalator.

Just ask anyone around if you need help. Swedes (and Danes) are nice people.

One more thing: get your passports ready. Due to immigration issues, there will probably be passport controls when you get off the train at Hyllie.

Travelling by train

The train station near the venue is called HYLLIE and is very easy to reach both from Denmark and from other parts of Sweden (via Malmö central station).

Remember that you need a valid train ticket before you board the train (or you will get fined).

For timetables, check Skånetrafiken.

Travelling by car

The address for the venue is Mässgatan 6, Malmö, Sweden. You can find it on the map above along with directions.

There is plenty of parking available by the shopping mall (Emporia). We suggest you use this if you travel by car.